Friday, April 22, 2011

Thankful for My Hero....

My goodness....I knew we lived close to tornado alley, but in it????  I was not aware.

Tonight we had our 367th tornado warning of the season and this one hit a bit too close for comfort.  For the first time in a long time, I was scared.....shakin' in my shoes, nervous rambling, hidin' in the shower, scared....Yup, this was the real deal.

Wanna know what made it worse?  My kid wasn't here, she was at her grandparents.  My kid wasn't here and I couldn't protect her.  Worst. Feeling. Ever.

See, every Friday night, is grandparents night.  Now, normally, hubs and I love Friday night.  This Friday, we did not.

I so am blessed to have the MOST amazing dad that was ever created.  My whole life, he's sacrificed EVERYTHING so that us kids could have what we wanted.  He always protected us, cared for us and loved us, no matter how awful we were.  He IS the best father ever....EVER.

Now on to tonight.  Sirens are blaring, wind is howling, hail is pounding and we are terrified.  It's one of the worst storms I've seen in quite awhile.  And my kid is not here.  I can't keep her safe.  I can't protect her......I'm freaking out.

I was FREAKED OUT....that is until, my dad called

He has once again protected his own.  The girls are safe and sound.  He's made sure of it.  He's checking the weather, watching the clouds above and coddling two scared little girls, telling them everything will be fine.

He is my hero.

It doesn't matter that he's sick.....It doesn't matter that he's tired....He doesn't care.  All he cares about is that his two little granddaughters are safe.

Again I say, he's my hero.

So my dear father, I say to you............

You are everything to me.  You will always be the 'man' in my life and I will love you until the end of days.

I heard this song and I thought of you.  Now, not every line applies, but you get the point.   Keb Mo's version is my fav...but I couldn't find it.

Love you pops....

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