Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Much Fun....

Another snow day.  This time, it was so bad, they actually closed my office for the day.  Hubs and I didn't even have to fight about who was gonna stay home.  Meh, that kinda sucked the fun outta it.

I stay home so rarely, I often forget what all it entails.  Did you know kids expect breakfast?  And lunch? AND snack time??? I had no idea.  It appears I've reallied too heavily on the public school systems.
Ehhhh, my bad?

I've also noticed that my house is completely disgusting.  It's amazing how much more dirt you can see when it's still daylight outside.  The light coming in from the back door actually illuminated the funk that was on my floor.  It made me gag.  Seriously, there was gag-age. For those of you that have had the unfortunate experience of dropping by, ohmygosh I am MORTIFIED.  Please, feel free to hire me a housekeeper.

I also forgot how much fun it could be and how much I can actually get accomplished!  We managed to clean the house, take down the Christmas tree and decorations (yes I know it's almost Valentines day..but hey, at least I got it down before Easter.  That's a two month improvement over last year!), go sledding, drink hot chocolate and make snow cream.  Just call me Martha.

Wanna know the best part?  My kid told me she loved spending time with me.  She said today reminded her of when she was 'little'. *tear*sniff*tear*  Is it wrong I hope tomorrow's weather is just a retched?  I seriously want a repeat.

Anyway, here's a little picture montage of how we spent day one of Snowmageddon '11.


aidanmomma said...

I get so excited when I see you've posted. YAY. I'm glad y'all are doing ok.

Mrs. Shy said...

AWE! Love you!!! Let's just hope by day 3, I can still form a complete sentence.