Monday, February 28, 2011

Ah, The Beauty of Randomess...

Ever notice that sometimes you have the BEST time if you just don't plan to, ummmm, spend time doing anything in particular?  I went to Houston on a whim this weekend. 

Well, I planned it like 3 weeks ago.  Anything planned and executed in less than 30 days qualifies as a whim. 


There was no agenda, no outline, no schedule.  It was just kinda, whatever happens, happens, ya know?  I couldn't have 'planned' it any better.

Since there was no outline prior to the events, I put one together 'post' events.  Honestly, I don't even think I'm doing it justice with words. So we're gonna go with, "You just had to be there."
  1. Random encounters with complete strangers. (Please be smart when attempting this, there can be some real creepers in the world)
    • I can actually say, I have 'friends' (plural) in Houston now.
    • Apparently we either look like models or work at the Rodeo...Uh, right.
    • I'm pretty sure our first cabbie wanted to marry my friend.  <--that was HYSTERICAL
    • It has come to my attention that I will literally talk to ANYONE.
  2. Sitting outside people watching is better than reality T.V.
    • Very large men do swan dives out of taxis
    • Drunk chicks in red dresses have VERY bizarre behavior...
    • Most albino Umpa Loompas, have ridiculously 'short', short term memories, work in sales and are married to women that want to punch them in the face...
  3.  Driving around downtown Houston with no GPS is always a good idea because...
    • Mardis Gras isn't just for NOLA...
    • The 40 story neon cross will follow you EVERYWHERE.
    • Driving down the metro tracks is NOT a good idea.
    • When two BMWs collide, their bumpers will fall off
  4. Art Class is cool...
    • When taught by an awesome Cuban
    • When your first painting isn't as craptastic as you thought it would be
    • When you discover that the people around you are incredibly talented
    • When you look around and see what beauty is through someone else's eyes.
  5. And because the following does not relate to any other category....
    • People actually caravan across country in horse and buggy and the city actually SHUTS DOWN major highways.  Increadible.
If I can give you any advice at all when planning a trip, it'd be....Don't.  Don't plan it, just go.  Randomly point out someplace on the map and just go for it.  You never know who you'll meet or what you'll see.  It may just be the BEST time of your life;)

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moncada said...

Oh my God I LOVE this post, woman. I'm so, so glad you had a blast. I really couldn't have 'planned' it better either. I always find that having a regimented schedule turns things into shit and people get pissy. (well, me in particular)

Thank you for coming to see me and trusting that I was just as f*cking insane as you thought I'd be!
<3 <3