Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day....Go Away...Seriously.

Ahh....the ever exciting snow day.  School cancelled, hot chocolate flowing, sledding with friends, being a couch potato, binge eating without remorse.  It IS the ultimate Free Day. 

Every child prays for this day.  They plaster their face to the back door, watching the puffy white particles fall from the sky.  They begin to pace the floor in anticipation.  They suffer through the ten o'clock news broadcast (every child's worst nightmare) all on the hopes that school, will in fact, be cancelled.

I was no different as an adolescent.  I'm actually pretty sure I led the prayer group that begged for snow. I would beg and plead to man upstairs...I'd promise I'd be good.  Promise to brush my teeth and eat my veggies...Promise I would never again go into my brother's room and raid it for cash, EVER, if I could just be granted this one day of reprieve.  My daughter is no different..

Now, I'm just going to put a small disclaimer out there prior to my next statement.  *I am quite grumpy today*  Please keep this in mind as you continue to read....

I no longer pray for this day.....**Le GASP!**  I know.

I....do not....like snow days.  AT ALL.

Why you ask?  It's simple really....I, am a VERY jealous person.  I am no longer that kid that gets to stay home and enjoy a nice cozy fire while my mommy serves me hot chocolate.  I am no longer that kid that gets to stay outside for hours, oblivious to the extreme cold, sledding until my heart's content.  I am no longer that kid that gets to watch endless hours of mindless television while consuming an entire box of cheezits....Nope, I am no longer, that kid.....life is cruel.
I'm the grown up....and I have to go to work.  Hmph.

Yes, yes, you are correct.  I am stomping my foot and yes, my arms are crossed in front of my chest.  *insert five year old whiny voice here*  But, I want to be HOME!

Normally, Hubs and I take 'turns' when it comes to snow days.  We alternate who's going to stay home with the kiddo.  It works for us...and I was sure, today was my day......I was wrong. 

See, we kinda do the '1-2-3 NOT IT!' thing....Except it's more like, '1-2-3 I'll stay home!'  It's "understood" that the person who calls it first, get its....  Yeah, well, he won this round. 

So, I braved the roads, skidded into the EMPTY parking lot and skated my way to the front door.  And him?  Well, he was at home, getting ready for my nieces to come over for some competitive sled racing....Super.

And that's where I am today....On my lunch break, in my work clothes, with my rubber boots on, trying to stay warm and trying not to be bitter...  (which I am obviously failing miserably at)....At least hubs promised to make a roast for dinner.

 Meh...this really does nothing to improve my mood.

My thoughts are beginning wander back to my childhood and the nagging voice in the back of my head keeps asking me this...If I summon the Snow Day Prayer Group, and really concentrate, could it get me outta work for the rest of the day?? Maybe? One can only hope...

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