Monday, January 17, 2011

Now THAT, was a Party...

My baby turned eleven.....How? How is that even possible?  I swear, just yesterday, we were bringing her home from the hospital and now she's texting her friends at 40 WPM.  Wasn't it just last week that I was rocking her to sleep in the antique chair handed down to us from Hub's grandmother?  And I KNOW it was just a few short months ago that she took her first steps...right? Right??  All I did was blink and when I opened my eyes, I had an almost teenager standing in front of me.  It doesn't seem real.

Life has been pretty hectic lately.  All three of us seem to be pulled in different directions all at the same time.  Trying to make sure everyone is where they should be, when they should be there is defiantly becoming a non-so-easy task.  Especially on my part.

Yep, I'm rapidly becoming the front runner for 'Mom Fail' of the year.  I seriously suck.  No, I'm not going to seize the opportunity to blame my job, just know, it's implied.

So, I miss a lot of stuff, I suck, I feel immense guilt, you get it.  Moving on....

This brings us to kiddo's birthday party.  My chance to really make things up to her.  Ah, sweet redemption.

I may 'mom fail' at a lot of things, but birthdays, NO WAY.  Birthdays are a HUGE deal in my world.  They rank above any other event that could ever come into creation.  Birthdays are monumental.

I never really had birthday parties growing up.  Now, wait a second, before you go stoning my parents, just hear me out.  We were a big family, on a super tight budget, with both parents working.  My parents sacrificed everything just so I could have the 'cool jeans' like my friends.  They went without, wore the same clothes until they were holey, shopped at the bargain barn, did whatever just so their superficial daughter could avoid the hand me downs and shop at Maurice's.  My parents are the shiznit., like for realz.  So, in my book, if I had to go bypass the whole party thing with my friends, so be it.  I didn't really care.  Not really anyway.

I appreciate my parents more than they will ever know.  Don't think I didn't notice, Mom and Dad.  I did.  Even if I was acting like a brat.  <---Sooooo sorry about that, BTW.

Anyway, back to present day.  Where was I?  ....birthday, mom fail, party......OH RIGHT!

Kiddo's birthday party.  This year's event was dubbed "A Day at the Spa'.  She wanted to have facials, manis, pedis, chick flicks and junk food.  A child after my own heart, bless her.  She also wanted a hotel sleepover.

Hotel stay, this was our first year to do it.  I kinda felt like the girls were finally old enough for it.  I was right.  It was awesome.

The hotel staff was beyond amazing.  They were so patient with little girls running all over the place.  The girls swam, chilled in the jacuzzi, did their nails and covered their faces in the green goopy mess that is a cucumber face mask in a tube, shoved pizza down their pie hole and laughed NON STOP.

Then, I heard the following words come out of my child's mouth:

"Guys, seriously, this was the best birthday party ever.  Don't 'cha think?"


She loved it!  In that instant, I felt that I might actually have made up for, even if it was minuscule, all the stuff I've missed.  All the slacker, mom fail moments seemed to have just disappeared.  My kiddo was happy and she was happy her mama was with her.  I never wanted it to end.  So, right then and there, I mad the decision, I'm takin' my life back.  I just can't worry about the 'what ifs' anymore.  God has never given me a reason to doubt that my family wouldn't be taken care of, ever.

Bring on 2011, I am so ready...

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Nancy Bane said...

So cute! I wish I had a girl so I could look forward to this kind of party!