Monday, January 10, 2011

New Years Eve at It's Finest...and a Random Quote From My Kiddo...

I always have such good intentions when I say, "Ohhh, I think I'll start blogging again!  I obviously have SO MUCH free time on my hands.  I'm actually quite bored!"  What's that saying about good intentions again?  Ah yes, that's right.

But seriously, I AM going to try this time.  Promise.....and no, my fingers are not crossed behind my back.  Sheesh. 

So, I'll start with something simple.  A brief recant of my fabulicious New Years Eve and then maybe wrap up with some randomness that is a "Quote from Kiddo".  Sound Good?  Right then, on we go!


Can I just say, I had one of the MOST amazing times of my life.  Hands down

*Flashback to March, 2010*

SET SCENE- Innocent conversation with said bestie, Melissa Myers Osborn

"So, MMO, I know what you're getting for your birthday!!" I squealed into the phone like a thirteen year old girl.  "It's shiny and silver and comes in a little blue box with a pretty white ribbon!"

See, being besties for as long as we have (fifteen years to be exact..and I swear, one crack about age and I will flick your ear through this monitor), established certain traditions.  I ALWAYS get my homemade, peanut butter ritz, bathed in chocolate, sandwich cookies (as well as other goodies.  This year was a killer tshirt and an awesome jewelry dish...made out of a record.. It was completely awesome and so us and I laughed and laughed and laughed...)  Wait, where was I?  Oh yes.... and MMO, she always gets me, at her front door, with a little blue box and an ear to ear grin.  That's what we do.  It works for us.

Anyway, during our pre-celebration phone call discussion to plan my annual birthday trip to OKC, she mentioned this instead.  "I reeeeeeeeeally wanna go see this band, 100 Monkeys, in Dallas.  Like really really bad."  My natural reaction, of course, was.."Who?"

After forty five minutes of explaining to me who they were, I approved.  Why not, right?  So, last year, for her birthday, I took her to see said concert.  Not that I particularly fell in love with it, but I did love the expression on her face as they took the stage.  She was ecstatic and it melted my two sizes too small heart.

Since that day, she has encouraged me to develop a healthy, uh....appreciation for this band.  Not just because the lead singer is an actor....not just because he could fit in my pocket....and not just because he's so darn cute it gives me heart palpitations....nope, just because we can.  See, when the two of us get off on a tangent, well, there's no turning back.  It almost because an obsession.  A conquest of epic proportions.  A mountain worth climbing....Get where I'm going with this??

Ok, so back to NYE.  We discovered our little band was hosting a NYE bash in Austin.  We also discovered that for an absolutely reasonable, you could feed a third world country for a week, price, we could get VIP tickets and meet the band.  Can I getta WOOT WOOT!!  Anybody? Anybody?? No?  Fine.  We booked our package and began counting down the days......

As they day approached, I could hardly contain my excitement.  You see, not only were MMO and I going, we convinced a whole gaggle of women to join. us.  The more the merrier, right??  Right indeed. 

I met the most amazing, beautiful, welcoming women of my LIFE!!  They didn't know me from adam, but they didn't care.  It was like we'd been friends for life. 

First, there were the two lovelies from Georgia.  Not only were they smart, stunning and exceedingly witty, they were both incredibly talented.  More so than I could ever hope to be. 

Then, there was the little fireball from Florida.  She had more pizazz in her pinkie than I do in my whole body.

Of course I can't for get the stunning red head.  Her personality, grace and smile lit up the whole room.

Throw me, MMO, the five foot tall inflatable monkey and her hubs (yes, he went.  We like to refer to him as just 'one of the girls') And we had our self one, motley crew. 

We laughed and ate and laughed.  We took more pictures than one would ever need.  We told stories, played dress up, griped about our men, bragged about our men, griped about our kids, bragged about our kids. Shared ambitions, shared regrets...They discovered I have serious issues with committing to music while driving...and I also tend to stress out and shake uncontrollably at random.  It was PERFECT.

We got to meet my...uh, our little pocket man from the jam band. *SQUEEE!* Traded a hat for Korean elevator alley cat meat on a stick, (Don't ask...seriously) Got extremely artistic with a sharpie, realized that the vendor that sells glow sticks to the dollar store should be replaced because those, should never be allowed to be sold anywhere other than....well, just not at the dollar store and was asked some extremely details questions about cookies. 

I know it sounds like a lot and you're probably thinking "I have no idea what this chick is talking about" but, I'm going to give you the most cliche thing I can think of.  You just had to be there.

And that's it!  That was my NYE of epic awesomeness.  I can feel the sheer excitement radiating from the screen as you all read this....I understand.  I felt the same way..

OH! And as promised, here is kiddo's random quote of the day:

Ken: "Mom, as I was pooping, I remembered, I didn't kiss you goodnight!"

Me:  "Please tell me you washed your hands..."


mom said...

Oh, Krista, I have enjoyed friendships like yours and MMO's. You two crack me up! You should do stand up! Missys mom

107yearoldvirgin said...

Oh, you just put it all so eloquently! Gotta say, you're pretty much made of awesome and I fell irrevocably in love with you, KShy<3