Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wicked Weather....

Being a girl from the south, we don't get a whole lot of wintry weather. Oh sure, maybe once a year, we get a few inches of snow, but it's usually gone in a day or so. Little did I know we were in for the storm of the century! Let's back up to Saturday night.

Me: "Babe, did you see this? We are under a winter weather advisory, but it's not until Monday. Wonder why they would post it so early??"

Cold but not unbearable. The winter weather advisory has changed to a winter storm watch...Yeah, right.

Sunday Night:
Once again, advisory has changed from a winter storm watch, to a winter storm warning...Seriously?? I'll believe it when I see it. (By now, Kennedy has already asked me at least a half dozen times if she has to go to school tomorrow...)

Monday Morning:
Jeff: "Hey hon, make sure you bundle up this morning. Make sure you take your tennis shoes, hat, gloves and scarf. Looks like it's gonna get bad today"

Huh? I get up, get around and get ready. I look outside...Nothing. Once again, I'll believe it when I see it. Off to work I go.

Monday Noon: Raining, cold, and nasty out! Wind is blowing and it is absolutely freezing....Could the weather man have been right??? Still skeptical.

Monday Afternoon: ICE! My car is completely frozen over....the side walk and parking lot look like a shiny piece of glass, and I their newest victim! Ah!

I gather my things and head home....slip slidin the whole way. (Thank goodness I don't live far!)

Check the weather.....No more winter storm warning...Yay!!! Oh wait, what does that say????? Ice storm warning...crap. See, I can handle any kinda snow storm you throw at me, but ice??? Impossible. I'm gonna be stuck inside for days...

Later that night, I stood at the back door and watch is "rain"...It really was quite beautiful...Like glitter falling from the sky....I close up the house, crank up the heat, and head to bed...When I awoke this morning, I found that the great outdoors had been turned into this:


TuTu's Bliss said...

yikes!!! Sending sunshine and warm thoughts!! Hugs!!!

Mary Teresa said...

I'd feel a lot worse for you if you didn't normally enjoy sun and warmth. ;D Ok I'm just kidding stay safe and stay warm!

Jennifer said...

Wow- now that's some ice! Stay warm! =)

Happy Tuesday!

Alyssa said...

BBBBuuuuuurrrrrrr!!! I'm wondering if Dominoes delivers today. haha