Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend is over and I'm preparing for the chaos of a Monday. As I sit here and blog, I think about what a great weekend we had. We partied hard ALL WEEKEND!!

Friday Night Jeff, Ken, and I went to the movies with the my folks. Inkheart. It was good...Kennedy really enjoyed it... Jeff - not so much...I thought it was quite acceptable.

Saturday - Got up early and helped with a baby shower...My dear friend Beth, who I just adore. They are on their second girl...She refuses to tell me the name...I think I'll just take my gift back..Ha!

Kennedy had a game at noon....She dominated the court.. (she takes after me you know.) She scored the first goal...I'm so proud of her! After the game I went to visit Gran - She was passed out....again....(I'll come back later)...

After Jeff and I got thru our semi-annual, knock down, drag out, monster fight (approx 1.5 hours later) we decided to go run around. Jeff and Ken went to the mall and I attempted to visit Gran again. Ha! Success!! She's awake. I visited for about 45 minutes, then met up with the fam. My dear, sweet husband bought me a gift...I love it. New perfume. Now I smell pretty. (You know I love you more than anything!)

We wrap up Saturday night by goin all out! A fun filled night of Fast Lane (I'm totally obsessed), Nachos at On the Border, and a DVD - (Narnia/Prince Caspian).

We overslept Sunday and missed church....Ugh Bugger! Went and played cards with Gran (Ha Ha! she did NOT win...of course, neither did I) And then back to the house for Bible study...It was great..

All I know is that this is one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. I look forward to next week. Maybe we'll do it again! (Minus the semi-annual monster fight....Shouldn't be due again til mid August)

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