Saturday, January 24, 2009

Man Hands

I hate winter weather. Is cold, everything is dead, and I always seem to fluff up a bit. (I need the extra padding to stay warm, right?) But what I really hate.... my hands!!

My skin is so gross! Ugh! My hands look like I've been working on farm for the last 30 years. Not enough lotion in the WORLD to bring these babies back.

So if we cross paths and you wish to shake hands, more than likely, I will decline. I would hate to slice your hand open with these sandpaper hands. At this point it's too much of a liability and to be perfectly honest, I can't afford to be sued for "Intent to Harm" on another human being.


Lane said...

LOL! You crack me up! I am the same way girl. My hands will crack and bleed. Yuck!

Nancy Bane said...

Krista, I know what you mean!! With winter, and with our premature baby, I've washed my hands so much they're very similar to concrete substance. :)