Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Hello my dear blogger friends!! It has been such a long time since I've been on here. SO much has happend in the last 10 months..(Holy Cow, has it been that long?)

Well, to start things off, my baby in a big 4 grader!!! Yep, this is her LAST year in elementary...Aaaaand, I'm officially old...*sigh*

Hubs and I are doing great. We have grown so close...even closer than the day we got married. I love him with all of my heart. Unconditionally.

And me?? Nothing terribly exciting. Just work, home, mom stuff, sleep and repeat. But, I wouldn't change it for the world. I am however, ready to branch out and get a hobby. I NEED something of my own, my very own. Something I love to do. Something I'll stick with. Sure, I've tried a few things here and there, but nothing I've been passionate about. I have got to get it back. The passion I once had. That one thing I loved doing, not matter weather, or how I'm feeling, or how much work I have to do, or if there is a MOUNTAIN of neglected laundry. I'll find it...I'm sure. Maybe I'll take up oragami.

Before I go, I just have to share a quick story with you.

Tuesday nights is reserved for ladies bible class. The normal hostess (my mother) was gone tonight, leaving me to host. (At her house...hey, at least I didn't have to clean!) I had told Ken this weekend that she could join me. (Technically, there are no kiddies allowed, but whatever) As usual, I get home in a rush, spaz out, try and make dinner, then haul my buns to class. As I am blasting through the kitchen, Ken says "Mom, am I still going?" And me, like the awesome parent I am, try and come up with SOME kind of reason to detur her from going...A kid adds more stress, right??

So, she finally gives up and says, "Ok, mom...I'll stay home"...Then, just like that, it hits me....BAM...Did I really just convince my kid NOT to go to bible study? Holy cow..What kind of parent does that?? Gets a kid, who really wants to go to bible study, and talks her in to staying home...Nice..

I quickly recanted...looked straight at her, and said.."Get your stuff, you're going"...


That was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Not only was she on her BEST behavior, she asked a ton of questions, read EVERY scripture (out loud) that Ms. Mariette would let her AND had prayer requests for her friends...

And now, as I sit back and thing about the events that unfolded before me, I am in awe....If I had just an ounce of her spirit, her courage, and her inquistive nature, I most certainly would be a much more effective warrior for Christ. So that is my new goal in life...To open my eyes and learn from those around me. No matter how old they are...

Anyway, I know that was a long one, but I really felt the need to share...And I promise, I will blog more!!!! (Dallas...wink wink..)

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Snow Day Wonder Parent

School was cancelled once again today. There is just enough icy snow left to enjoy a ride or two down the hill again...

Jeff and I have been alternating "shifts" to stay home with Kennedy. I take the mornings, he takes the afternoon.

Today, Jeff gets home and I scurry off to work. An hour or two goes by, so I decide to call and check on them...You know, just to check...Not that my internal mommy alarm was blaring...CALL HOME CALL HOME CALL HOME....I call home...This is the story I get...

*ring ring*


"Hey Babe! How's everything going? You and Kennedy having fun?"

"Um, yes well...we had fun...I took her sledding..."

"How fun!! I'm so jealous...Did you have a good time?"

"Yes, but don't worry..."

"Worry? Worry about what? Why would I be worried?"

"Well, I took her sledding, you know, at that big dirt hill down the road?"

"Uh huh.."

"And well, I gave her a little push...She was really moving, it was awesome...See there was like a little dip in the hill....She kinda went airborne..."

"Say what...?"

"She got some good air...but kinda lost the sled....She face planted in the snow...."


"Don't worry babe...I jumped on my sled raced down after her...I got to the bottom of the hill and she was still face first in the snow. I ran up to her and she made this weird noise...She was like UGHHHHHH...............Don't worry... It only knocked the wind out of her...It took me a few minutes, but I got her up....DON'T WORRY...She's fine...Don't freak out and think she needs to go to the doctor...She caught her breathe...eventually... I thinks she's gonna be sore though..."

"Really, you don't say! AH! Are you kidding me!"

"No really, she's fine...I promise...Ok, well gotta go! See you in a bit..Love ya!"

"Hey, wait! Jeff? Hello?"

Anybody need a sitter???? Jeff is available on snow days...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kennedy Quote of the Week

Scene: Walking around the mall

"Hey mom?"


"Do I have to be married to have a baby?"

*choke, cough, catch my breath*

"Um, Yes! You have to be out of college, with a job, and married. Why do you ask?"

"Well Mom, I don't understand why I just cant go to the hospital, wait a few days, then come home with baby....That's what all these other ladies do...I don't need a man to help do all that...."

Ok, wow, where to begin.....

"Yes, you do kinda need a man to do all that....I'll explain when you're older...."

"Huh, ok then mom.."

For those of you who don't know, she is NINE years old...Call me crazy, but I kinda feel she is WAY to young for the "talk"...I guess I'll keep putting her off for the next say, 5-10 years! Ah!


Another icy day....but I must go back to work....I'd rather stay home and play....Bummer...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Productive Day.....

Just because we are iced in, does not mean we will waste the day...No, no, we will be productive!! Take a look at what we accomplished today:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wicked Weather - Part 2

Ok, so this nutty weather is still going on...Amazingly, we are some the few residents left in town, that still have power (I totally just jinxed us by saying that)....He are a few more pics of our icy wonderland!

Wicked Weather....

Being a girl from the south, we don't get a whole lot of wintry weather. Oh sure, maybe once a year, we get a few inches of snow, but it's usually gone in a day or so. Little did I know we were in for the storm of the century! Let's back up to Saturday night.

Me: "Babe, did you see this? We are under a winter weather advisory, but it's not until Monday. Wonder why they would post it so early??"

Cold but not unbearable. The winter weather advisory has changed to a winter storm watch...Yeah, right.

Sunday Night:
Once again, advisory has changed from a winter storm watch, to a winter storm warning...Seriously?? I'll believe it when I see it. (By now, Kennedy has already asked me at least a half dozen times if she has to go to school tomorrow...)

Monday Morning:
Jeff: "Hey hon, make sure you bundle up this morning. Make sure you take your tennis shoes, hat, gloves and scarf. Looks like it's gonna get bad today"

Huh? I get up, get around and get ready. I look outside...Nothing. Once again, I'll believe it when I see it. Off to work I go.

Monday Noon: Raining, cold, and nasty out! Wind is blowing and it is absolutely freezing....Could the weather man have been right??? Still skeptical.

Monday Afternoon: ICE! My car is completely frozen over....the side walk and parking lot look like a shiny piece of glass, and I their newest victim! Ah!

I gather my things and head home....slip slidin the whole way. (Thank goodness I don't live far!)

Check the weather.....No more winter storm warning...Yay!!! Oh wait, what does that say????? Ice storm warning...crap. See, I can handle any kinda snow storm you throw at me, but ice??? Impossible. I'm gonna be stuck inside for days...

Later that night, I stood at the back door and watch is "rain"...It really was quite beautiful...Like glitter falling from the sky....I close up the house, crank up the heat, and head to bed...When I awoke this morning, I found that the great outdoors had been turned into this:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

  • I did not get up late..Once again...On a Monday

  • I did most certainly not forget my cell phone and have to come back home....

  • I did not get completely distracted during my afternoon call and lose all train of thought.

  • I did not think I was an excellent driver during inclement weather, then smack right into the curb..

  • I did not wait til the last minute to go to the store just to find they were completely wiped out of everything.

  • And finally, I did not buy a ton of junk food to comfort me during the storm! That would totally throw me off of my nutrisystem plan.

This is my first Not Me....If you want to check out more....click on the link above!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend is over and I'm preparing for the chaos of a Monday. As I sit here and blog, I think about what a great weekend we had. We partied hard ALL WEEKEND!!

Friday Night Jeff, Ken, and I went to the movies with the my folks. Inkheart. It was good...Kennedy really enjoyed it... Jeff - not so much...I thought it was quite acceptable.

Saturday - Got up early and helped with a baby shower...My dear friend Beth, who I just adore. They are on their second girl...She refuses to tell me the name...I think I'll just take my gift back..Ha!

Kennedy had a game at noon....She dominated the court.. (she takes after me you know.) She scored the first goal...I'm so proud of her! After the game I went to visit Gran - She was passed out....again....(I'll come back later)...

After Jeff and I got thru our semi-annual, knock down, drag out, monster fight (approx 1.5 hours later) we decided to go run around. Jeff and Ken went to the mall and I attempted to visit Gran again. Ha! Success!! She's awake. I visited for about 45 minutes, then met up with the fam. My dear, sweet husband bought me a gift...I love it. New perfume. Now I smell pretty. (You know I love you more than anything!)

We wrap up Saturday night by goin all out! A fun filled night of Fast Lane (I'm totally obsessed), Nachos at On the Border, and a DVD - (Narnia/Prince Caspian).

We overslept Sunday and missed church....Ugh Bugger! Went and played cards with Gran (Ha Ha! she did NOT win...of course, neither did I) And then back to the house for Bible study...It was great..

All I know is that this is one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. I look forward to next week. Maybe we'll do it again! (Minus the semi-annual monster fight....Shouldn't be due again til mid August)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Man Hands

I hate winter weather. Is cold, everything is dead, and I always seem to fluff up a bit. (I need the extra padding to stay warm, right?) But what I really hate.... my hands!!

My skin is so gross! Ugh! My hands look like I've been working on farm for the last 30 years. Not enough lotion in the WORLD to bring these babies back.

So if we cross paths and you wish to shake hands, more than likely, I will decline. I would hate to slice your hand open with these sandpaper hands. At this point it's too much of a liability and to be perfectly honest, I can't afford to be sued for "Intent to Harm" on another human being.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hello blogger friends! Man, it has been awhile. I hope you all had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year. We sure did!

Well, I'm going to do several "posts" within this one....I'm so far behind..I'll start with..............

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! And ours was no exception. My ENTIRE family was here for the first time ever! How much fun!! Matt, Steph, the girls AND Ben, Natalia (new sis in law), Davina (niece) and Nathaniel (nephew). It was CRAZY! People running back and forth between our house and the folks...I literally did not see Kennedy for 2 weeks. She didn't even miss me. Ouch.

New Years
And Happy New Year to you! I know, I know, it's almost February. But 2009 is still pretty new. Nothing terribly exciting. The fam was still here. We played cards all night New Year's eve. Gran totally cleaned me out. I'm gonna have to pawn a few things to get my money back. I must say, I'm getting old...I could BARELY keep my eyes open. I don't even think I made it to midnight. Ah, growing old and not so gracefully.

Kennedy is 9!
WOW, I have a 9 year old child. I cannot even believe it. It really seems like just yesterday I held her in my arms for the very first time. She was so small and sweet. Such a good baby... What the heck happened???? I can honestly say, she has gone from sweet baby, to active toddler, to Pre Teen Drama Queen! I am sooo not ready for this. We are already obsessed with boys, clothes, shoes, and for some reason, mermaids....Yeah, I don't know on that one either. So what do I do??? Buy here a puppy. Yes folks, spoil the child, spare the rod. Oh wait, I think I have that backwards....That could be the answer to many of my problems.. Must rethink my parenting practices.

So, that is the Shy family 30 day summary. We have been so busy! I'm ready for things to slow down a bit and take a break.

As I close my blogging session, I leave you with yet another Kennedy Quote of the week...(technically, she said this a few weeks ago, but once again...WAY BEHIND)



"Did you know that Shannon had a crush on Chase?!"

"No, I did't..."

"Yeah mom, she told me she did. She tells me everything. We're BFF!"

"Oh, that's nice, it's nice to have good friends"

"Yes, well I mean we were BFF, but not so much now"

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, now we're just F."

*Hee Hee*