Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm Cold....

Ah, the weather outside has changed dramatically over the last 24 hours. Yesterday was mild and sunny, today blustery and cold. I prefer mild and sunny.

So, with the change in temperature outside comes the change in temperature inside. My house is 30 years hold and struggles to stay exceptionally warm. Thank goodness for my fireplace. Not only does it create a lovely and inviting glow, it keeps my den nice'n toasty.

Kennedy and I decided tonight would be a perfect night to watch our first holiday movie of the season. Our choice.......A Christmas Story. Probably one of my all time favs. About 15 minutes into our movie, Ken begins to complain that she is freezing. "Mom, I'm just so cold!" Mind you, she is in front of the fire, with long sleeves and long pants, wrapped in a down blanket. Yet, she's freezing. "You're fine, just scoot a little closer to the fireplace, you'll warm up".

Another 10 minutes or so pass and she says it again. "I'm just so cold. This shirt is making me cold!" She lifts her shirt up around her neck. "Thats better" she says. "AHHHH!! Put your shirt down! That is not appropriate!" I yell. "Sorry mom".

10 more minutes. I'm really into our movie. Raphie has just uttered the most horrific words known to mankind......Then Kennedy chimes in....."Ah, that's better, now I'm getting warm". Much to my surprise, she is sitting on my ottoman, right in front of the fire, naked....AHHHHHH again!! "Why are you naked???!!!!! Put some clothes on!! "But mom, my clothes were keeping me from getting warm!! See? I'm all warm and cozy now." Me, "Well, you're just gonna have to freeze. NOW PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON!"

Let me just make one thing very clear. The desire for nakedness is not a trait passed on from my side of the family. Just letting you know.

Anyway, hope you guys are having no problems at all staying warm at your house!!

Until next time....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mother of the Year...

Ah!! Mornings at my house are insane...We NEVER get up on time and I am ALWAYS in psycho mom mode..Today was no exception.

We have very few strict "rules" in our house. One just happens to be, pick your clothes out the night before...All I ask, is that the few rules I do have, be respected and the LETTER..

Thursday morning:
"GET UP GET UP GET UP!!! WE ARE LATE!!!!" I sound like a howler monkey screeching at my child.. We both fly out of bed..I run thru the shower (not sure if I actually got all of the shampoo out of my hair) And am drying my hair while, I might add, getting dressed and brushing my teeth..Yes folks, I'm gifted.

My daughter is supposed to be up in her room, getting dressed.

Scenario one:
Down the stair she comes, with a sun dress (it is 49 degrees) high heel shoes, that do not match the sundress, and a hooded sweatshirt that does not match the high heels OR the dress...I immediately send her back up..Try again.

Scenario Two:
Down the stairs, this time in a sundress (different one) fleece sweatpants under the dress, and the same ridiculous high heels...(Psycho mom trying to push thru...Must push her back.....) DARN IT!! I just lost....Psycho mom is here!!!


As my daughter begins to freak out, I calmly finish getting ready. Much to my surprise, I finish and find her in the laundry room, trying to pull stuff out of the dryer...That's it..I've lost it.

"Kennedy, that's it.. I'm getting something for you to wear. Here!" Yes folks, I gave my child the same outfit to wear that she wore to school on Tuesday, and no it was not clean. She flipped out.

"I can't wear that!!! I just wore it and you didn't wash it!!!" I am not phased by this statement. I know, sounds harsh, but like I said, we have rules in this house...And they MUST be followed.

She did not speak to me on the way to school, but I have a feeling that is the last time we are not ready for school the night before...

Anyway, that is why I'm sure I will be getting the "Mother of the Year" award...I also accept cash, checks, gift cards, and well, any present really....