Wednesday, September 3, 2008

10 Years, Prairie Chickens and Cooter Stew?

Hi all! I promised Missy I would actually keep this thing up so I'm really trying. I don't have any crazy stories, so I'll just update you on my life since the last blog.

Jeff and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary last week. 10 YEARS!!! I am so proud of us. We have come so far and learned so much along the way. He is truly my very best friend. I don't know what I would do without him. Have I mentioned the present he got me? Here, let me ease into it. D...Di...Dia.....Diam....Diamo.........Diamon.........Diamond Necklace!!! I about fell over. It is so pretty and dainty. Not like anything I have. He is such a good boy.

My BFF came to visit me this weekend. We had a blast!!!! She brought her kiddos and I finally got meet her new son. (She adopted from Rwanda last year). I love them so much!! Did I mention we had a blast?? We always adopt some random new catch phrase and use it to death. It's one of those "only we know what it means" things. The new 2008 catch phrase is.......Prairie Chicken!! Totally random and I don't really even know how it stuck. But I think the conversation topics went something like this, Global Warming, Wind Power, Oklahoma, PETA, I am not a nugget, Turbine, Prairie chicken. It still cracks me up.

And finally, Cooter stew. If you can tell me what Cooter stew is WITHOUT looking it up on the Internet, I will give you a dollar the next time we bump into each other. I just heard about it on my big redneck wedding (I'm from Arkansas, remember? What if i see one of my cousins on there) and I'm half tempted to try it.

Ok, so I'm actually going to try and post some pics to here I go!

Me, Kennedy and Bizi at the park

Me and Missy. I recommend you do not take pictures and drive at the same time.

Me and Lea enjoying our frozen concoction complements of Missy New frozen concoction maker. Thanks Miss.

My little monkey!

The infamous Prairie Chicken


The Rickard 5 said...

Snapping turtle stew

The Brown Family said...

Ok the story about the freakin funny!! I laughed out loud at just the thought of it! How did you finally get the smell out??

Missy-O said...

Dear Mrs. Shy,
Thank you for your recent generous monitary donation to save the poor Prairie Chickens. With your help, never again will a helpless foul be violenty sucked into a turbine and chopped to bits.