Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Beauty and the Geek

It was such a beautiful day yesterday! I am so enjoying the warmer weather. And since it is warmer now, I am expected to play outside with Ken..... EVERYday. Yesterday was no exception.
She's been bugging me for days to go on a bike ride, and I finally cave. We geared up and headed out. Actually, it was kinda nice. It was nice to be away from the TV and phone, and yes, even the computer. We are cruising along, having a blast, and chatting up a storm. Then the conversation takes an unexpected turn.
We see a motorcycle drive by.
"Mom, I've never been on a motorcycle"

"And you never will be. They are too dangerous"

"I will when I have a boyfriend"

"No, because you can't have a boyfriend"

"But mom, I want to have a boyfriend, get married, and have a kid"
She stops for just a second then continues on.
"You know what mom? You're right. (I am?) I don't want a cool boy. I want to marry a geek. They are smart and can help me with my homework. Besides, cool boys don't make any money when they get older. See mom, geeks are smart and make lots of money. And those cool kids that made fun of them will end of having to work for them. Then, they can't make fun of them anymore. My geek will be their boss! And you can't make fun of your boss! They'll fire you!"

Words of wisdom from an eight year old.


Missy-O said...

She is a smart girl....and Geeks tend to be less "handsy" on dates! It's a win-win!

winbe said...

Guess've been "tagged". Check out my blog for more details.