Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mom, Can Watch Hairspray?

So, I told you I would update this more often. I'm a little behind on letting you guys know what's been going on.

We rented movies last weekend and Kennedy chose Hairspray. "Mom look! Troy is in this movie!!" For those of you who have little girls, I'm sure you know who she is referring to. Troy (Zac Effron) is from High School Musical. Which I have officially seen 37 times.

So we get it and come home. I put the movie in and off we go. It starts out pretty cute and then WHAM! I'm blindsided. All I'm gonna say is this. I DO NOT recommend this movie for any child under the age of 15. I had to explain in great detail to my 8 YEAR OLD segregation. Not one of my ideal topics of discussion. At least not at this age. I do have to say one thing, my kid is truly amazing. As we discussed this oh so sensitive subject all she can say is. "Well, that's pretty stupid mom, didn't God make us all the same??" I smiled ear to ear and ALMOST teared up. He absolutely did Kennedy. I so wish that everyone thought with such clarity. It was such a simple statement but so powerful as well.

Now, on to the end of the movie. We had been shaken a tail feather thru the entire show and at the very end, that have some pretty swinging music. Kennedy and I are whirlin and twirlin our way around the living room when it happened. She walks up to me, puts on finger on my shoulder, and pushes me out of the way. In all seriousness, this is what she says, "You better step back mom, cuz I've got moves you've never seen before." My mouth is gaping open. I stand there and witness the "moves" trying not to just lose it. My child is spinning, flipping, jumping, (I was kinda concerned she may pull a hammy) and then the finale: A running jump, kick, spin ending in what looked to be the very painful.....splits. OUCH.

She then turns to me and then says, "Whatcha think about that MOM!? Let me see ya bring it! What's the matter, scared??"

Oh, I'll bring it. But, maybe later.

Huh, I just got schooled by an eight year old.


Missy-O said...

Oh, Snap!

Shake it, Don't break it, took your mama 9 months to make it!

The Brown Family said...

As for the last post...I'm there and have been. I LOVE every minute of it! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about because Heath and I are the same truly is amazing.
On to the recent post...hilarious! I can so see "Miss Thang" doing everything you described! She just cracks me up. Are you sure you don't know where she got those mad skills!?! ;)

Dallas said...

Go Kennedy!