Monday, December 1, 2008

You're a Mean One, Mr. I mean Mrs. Grinch

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas.....Well, not at my house. Ugh, I just can't get into the holiday spirit. It is sooooo not like me. I don't know why, I'm just not in the mood.

Maybe it's the economy, heavens knows I'm flat broke.....Or maybe it's the fact that every time I turn around, something catastrophic is happening on the news. That does put a damper on the ol' holiday cheer. I don't know. I just don't feel at that into it this year. So, what am I gonna do to get out of the funk?

I completely avoided the madness of "black Friday" this year. Thank goodness I did. A poor man actually got TRAMPLED TO DEATH so some jerks could save 10 bucks on a DVD player. Seriously? Wow, the going rate for a human life is $10 and a DVD player. Take note folks.

And what's with this "take the Christ outta Christmas" thing???? Ugh, once again.

So I'm kinda "bah Humbug" right now. Hopefully I can pull out of it. I'm going to volunteer at our church's coat drive this year, so that's pumping me up. I so love to be around grateful people. I so love, love, love to see them smile.

Maybe that's my problem. I'm too worried about what I feel like, I myself have lost the true meaning of Christmas. It's not about what's under the tree or what I got a killer deal on, it's about human kindness. It's about that little smile on some one's face that says "Thank you".

So this year, that is my gift to all of you. I promise to be kind, loving, caring and grateful that I have each of you in my life. God has brought all of you to me for a reason and I am truly thankful for that. I promise to be hear when you need me, to call you when you're down, to love you unconditionally, and to be a good friend.

Well, I think I'm pulling out of it.....Now where the heck are my box of decorations!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm Cold....

Ah, the weather outside has changed dramatically over the last 24 hours. Yesterday was mild and sunny, today blustery and cold. I prefer mild and sunny.

So, with the change in temperature outside comes the change in temperature inside. My house is 30 years hold and struggles to stay exceptionally warm. Thank goodness for my fireplace. Not only does it create a lovely and inviting glow, it keeps my den nice'n toasty.

Kennedy and I decided tonight would be a perfect night to watch our first holiday movie of the season. Our choice.......A Christmas Story. Probably one of my all time favs. About 15 minutes into our movie, Ken begins to complain that she is freezing. "Mom, I'm just so cold!" Mind you, she is in front of the fire, with long sleeves and long pants, wrapped in a down blanket. Yet, she's freezing. "You're fine, just scoot a little closer to the fireplace, you'll warm up".

Another 10 minutes or so pass and she says it again. "I'm just so cold. This shirt is making me cold!" She lifts her shirt up around her neck. "Thats better" she says. "AHHHH!! Put your shirt down! That is not appropriate!" I yell. "Sorry mom".

10 more minutes. I'm really into our movie. Raphie has just uttered the most horrific words known to mankind......Then Kennedy chimes in....."Ah, that's better, now I'm getting warm". Much to my surprise, she is sitting on my ottoman, right in front of the fire, naked....AHHHHHH again!! "Why are you naked???!!!!! Put some clothes on!! "But mom, my clothes were keeping me from getting warm!! See? I'm all warm and cozy now." Me, "Well, you're just gonna have to freeze. NOW PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON!"

Let me just make one thing very clear. The desire for nakedness is not a trait passed on from my side of the family. Just letting you know.

Anyway, hope you guys are having no problems at all staying warm at your house!!

Until next time....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mother of the Year...

Ah!! Mornings at my house are insane...We NEVER get up on time and I am ALWAYS in psycho mom mode..Today was no exception.

We have very few strict "rules" in our house. One just happens to be, pick your clothes out the night before...All I ask, is that the few rules I do have, be respected and the LETTER..

Thursday morning:
"GET UP GET UP GET UP!!! WE ARE LATE!!!!" I sound like a howler monkey screeching at my child.. We both fly out of bed..I run thru the shower (not sure if I actually got all of the shampoo out of my hair) And am drying my hair while, I might add, getting dressed and brushing my teeth..Yes folks, I'm gifted.

My daughter is supposed to be up in her room, getting dressed.

Scenario one:
Down the stair she comes, with a sun dress (it is 49 degrees) high heel shoes, that do not match the sundress, and a hooded sweatshirt that does not match the high heels OR the dress...I immediately send her back up..Try again.

Scenario Two:
Down the stairs, this time in a sundress (different one) fleece sweatpants under the dress, and the same ridiculous high heels...(Psycho mom trying to push thru...Must push her back.....) DARN IT!! I just lost....Psycho mom is here!!!


As my daughter begins to freak out, I calmly finish getting ready. Much to my surprise, I finish and find her in the laundry room, trying to pull stuff out of the dryer...That's it..I've lost it.

"Kennedy, that's it.. I'm getting something for you to wear. Here!" Yes folks, I gave my child the same outfit to wear that she wore to school on Tuesday, and no it was not clean. She flipped out.

"I can't wear that!!! I just wore it and you didn't wash it!!!" I am not phased by this statement. I know, sounds harsh, but like I said, we have rules in this house...And they MUST be followed.

She did not speak to me on the way to school, but I have a feeling that is the last time we are not ready for school the night before...

Anyway, that is why I'm sure I will be getting the "Mother of the Year" award...I also accept cash, checks, gift cards, and well, any present really....

Friday, October 31, 2008

Kennedy quote of the Week...

"Mom, I want a little brother or sister....C'mon Mom, work that belly, get that baby power workin"....

Um, yeah.. I think the baby power is all worked out.....Sorry Ken...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Marriage and such and so on.

Do you take her??? And do you take him??? Oh of course!! What a simple answer to a simple question...Or is it? I think people seldom realize how complicated such question can be.

For those have you that have been married for any length of time, I think we kinda giggle at the simplicity of the occasion of a wedding. Of course we do.....Of course we take them for better or worse...there could never be anything better in the whole wide world than the person standing in front of me. What a simple, silly question....

AND THEN, reality sets in... A few years and some kids later, an then people think, AHHHH what have I done!! This is no longer fun for me! Reality has set in!

Well....Here's a reality check. Marriage as wonderful and blissful and romantic as it seems, is WORK....You must WORK to make it fabulous. It is not a romance novel... I know, I know, this may come as shock to most, but if you want it, you WORK for it. And hard work, is worth it...It CAN be the most rewarding, romantic, wonderful thing you will EVER do in your life..

So all I can say is, don't sweat the small things. You will fight, argue, disagree, despise, BUT you will also LOVE, KISS, HUG, LAUGH, and SMILE. And that, to me, is the best part. If you ask me, "what do you guys fight about???" I will say "hmmm, not really sure"... BUT if you ask me "What is your favorite thing about being married?" I will say...........

"I come home to my best friend everyday...I know no matter what I say or what I do, he loves and forgives me".. I will say "I have the most wonderful person watching over my home".....I will say "No matter what happens, I trust him not only with my life, but with our child's"...

So I ask you, how many people can you say that about? How many people would you trust with everything you have???

I just felt I needed to share how much marriage means to me. To me, it is the most important..

So, just a an FYI here are few rules that Jeff and I share to make our marriage as strong as it can be.

1. NEVER leave the house when angry...(you may however go to another room)
2. The "D" word has NEVER been used in our home. No matter how angry we get.
3. I don't care how ticked we are at another, I ALWAYS say "I love you"
4. We always try to remember, there is no right or wrong, there's is just different. Just because your opinion is different than mine, does not mean it's wrong.

Ok, sorry about gettin on my soapbox...Just thought I needed to share what has made us successful for the last 10 years.

Love to you all!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Date Night

Lst night was date night for us. We had a great time. I took half a day off and Jeff got home early. We sat around and chatting a bit, then we went to dinner.

We tried a new restaurant on the square in Bentonville called Table Mesa. IT WAS FABULOUS!!! The service was excellent and the food.........YUM-O! The prices were very reasonable as well.

We started off with an appetizer - Fire Bread. SOOOO good. I could have just had that and been quite satisfied. Then the entrees - I had the veggie tacos and Jeff had the fish tacos. Once again, FABULOUS! So needless to say, we have a new favorite place.

We ran some errands then headed to the Aloft. Stayed there for just a short while then headed home. We had such a great time laughing and talking the whole way home. We were rockin out to "Shook me all Night" or whatever that song is called. Jeff was on air keyboard and I had the air guitar. We are such dorks.

The night ended with a fire on the back porch and some relaxing music. It was wonderful. Oh, but wait, I can't forget the 11pm run to Taco Bell. It was pretty random. Jeff just kinda shot up and was like "put your slippers on, we're going to taco bell" Um, ok. How can one argue with that?

Well, I'm off to pick up the kiddo and meet a friend for lunch. Happy Saturday everyone!

Take One..........Not so good...............

Take Two......................Better.............................

Friday, October 24, 2008

Kennedy Quote of the Week

Mom, I mean it's Cheese! Who doesn't love cheese?? It's cheese! Like you know, like cheddar? Soooo good.....

Yes Kennedy, I too have a passion for cheese..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

What a great afternoon!! We had a faboulous time. Kennedy was running around like a crazy person. Here a few pics from our fun filled day. Enjoy!!

Arrival at the corn maze.

C'mon! Let's go! It was so pretty! Weeeeeeee!!! Follow me!! I know the way! Hmmm... Guess Not!

For No Reason at All....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Ahh!! Why am I still sick?? I have had a wicked sinus/head cold cruddy mess for the last week. I have done nothing but, sneeze, cough, and have snot pouring out of my face and now, to top it off, I have two absolutely fabulous cold sores. I think I'll name them Nick and Nancy.

I have totally grossed out everyone I work with. My poor pod neighbor....I feel so bad. I am bathing in GermX but she is still repulsed. She was literally wiping down HER side of the wall with Clorox wipes. Um, I can't even see her side of the wall. I know she thinks I belong in a bubble. She will spend a solid half hour disinfecting her pod once I leave it. Of course, she is a bit of a germaphobe. (LOL, you know I love ya)

Ok, so really, if I still sound like an eighty year old pack 'a day smoker tomorrow, I will go to the doctor. I despise the doctor. I think it's a complete waste of time and money. I just need the drugs. I don't need to go in, wait for an hour, see a guy who really has no clue who I am give me a quick once over and tell me that I have a cold and a cough. Duh. That's why I'm here.

Anyway, they NyQuil is kickin in and I am about to pass out.

I got a new camera so I'll be sure to start posting some pics!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I loathe the dog

I'm sorry. I know the title sounds cruel. But the dog is driving me NUTS!!! He is getting old and crazy. And he barks. ALL THE TIME. I let him out, he barks to come in. I put him up, he barks to get out. I give him food, he barks. I give him water, he barks. ALL night ALL the time. I am losing it!!! Hours and hours of barking. I have NO idea what to do with the insane dog.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Guidelines

Kennedy has posted a new list of rules for entering her room. You must be at least on of or combination of the following:

1. Mermaid
2. Person you has magical powers or grants wishes
3. Must have the following name: Rachel, Emily, Lauren, Eden, Fletcher, Dad, Nana, Papo, Or Mom. (Sweet! I totally made the list)

All others are subject to review and will enter and the discretion of the owner/occupant.

All requests must be enter on legal letterhead and response of acceptance can take up to 10 working days.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2nd Day

Ok, so it's my second day and I have to admit, IT'S FABULOUS!! That is all I'm going to say. Not that I'm superstitious or anything. BUT, I really like it so far. and I don't want to jinx it. The people are GREAT AND for the first time in a LONG time, I feel like I'm actually bringing something to the table. It's nice for a change. It's not and expectation, it's a request for help. I like it. And it's totally up to me. I can give them as much as I want. I actually want to give it because it's not expected!! Did I already say that??

Anyway, once again, props to the main man upstairs. Without him, none of this would be possible. I am just thrilled. I LOVE YOU MAN!!

Hopefully, the next post will be some random statement from Kennedy. I am really needing a fix from her! LOL!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Surprise Visit and New Beginnings

My big brother came in town just for the weekend!! I am so excited! Tomorrow is his birthday so I'm taking him shopping. He is a great shopping buddy!!

Well, today was my last day of work and I start my new job on Monday. I am so thankful for this.

Thank you God for this opportunity. Thank you for providing for my family, thank you for more time with my family and thank you for allowing me to spend time focused on you. You are truly amazing.

I am so pumped!! I might actually get a life again. No more stressful weekends, no more late nights, no more ham!!! I may actually protest and never eat pork again. LOL!!

I did leave behind so wonderful people and that was tough. They taught me so much. How to be patient and understanding, to not sweat the small stuff, and how to laugh at myself. I'll truly miss you guys.

Well, off to bed I go. Kennedy and I are walking tomorrow for Cystic Fibrosis and I need my beauty sleep!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

10 Years, Prairie Chickens and Cooter Stew?

Hi all! I promised Missy I would actually keep this thing up so I'm really trying. I don't have any crazy stories, so I'll just update you on my life since the last blog.

Jeff and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary last week. 10 YEARS!!! I am so proud of us. We have come so far and learned so much along the way. He is truly my very best friend. I don't know what I would do without him. Have I mentioned the present he got me? Here, let me ease into it. D...Di...Dia.....Diam....Diamo.........Diamon.........Diamond Necklace!!! I about fell over. It is so pretty and dainty. Not like anything I have. He is such a good boy.

My BFF came to visit me this weekend. We had a blast!!!! She brought her kiddos and I finally got meet her new son. (She adopted from Rwanda last year). I love them so much!! Did I mention we had a blast?? We always adopt some random new catch phrase and use it to death. It's one of those "only we know what it means" things. The new 2008 catch phrase is.......Prairie Chicken!! Totally random and I don't really even know how it stuck. But I think the conversation topics went something like this, Global Warming, Wind Power, Oklahoma, PETA, I am not a nugget, Turbine, Prairie chicken. It still cracks me up.

And finally, Cooter stew. If you can tell me what Cooter stew is WITHOUT looking it up on the Internet, I will give you a dollar the next time we bump into each other. I just heard about it on my big redneck wedding (I'm from Arkansas, remember? What if i see one of my cousins on there) and I'm half tempted to try it.

Ok, so I'm actually going to try and post some pics to here I go!

Me, Kennedy and Bizi at the park

Me and Missy. I recommend you do not take pictures and drive at the same time.

Me and Lea enjoying our frozen concoction complements of Missy New frozen concoction maker. Thanks Miss.

My little monkey!

The infamous Prairie Chicken

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Of course I did....

I'm really trying to get back into my workout routine. I have been on hiatus for the last few weeks. BUT I am easing back into it.

I've been running at night and since no one will go with me, I take my demon possessed dog. The only positive thing about it is he pulls me most of the way. Anyway, we have just finished out nightly run (ok, I confess, walk/run) and he really did a great job. So, like an idiot, I let him off the lead. He stayed with me for about 2.5 seconds. Then like a flash he darts to the left and is out of sight. Dang it. It's dark and I can't see a thing. I start screeching like a howler monkey to get him to come back. Nothing. Dang it. Then I see him, wait no, what is that? It's too small to be Jax. And it's black, and is has.....................a white stripe down it's back. Dang it.

I am screaming "NO NO NO NO NO!!!!" and it did no no no no no good. Next thing I know, here comes the dog tearing around the corner and right into me. OH GROSS. I am now covered in skunk. Yep, I smell like, well, skunk. I'm am thoroughly saturated. Fan-freakin-tastic.

Long story short, I have spent the last hour or so hosing down the dog and myself. My husband will not come near me and my kid almost puked when I came near her. I truly believe he has been waiting for a legitimate excuse to avoid me without consequence for the last ten years. Here ya go honey. Take advantage. LOL!

Well, I'm off to take yet another shower and burn my clothes. Maybe I should just fill the inflate-a-pool up with tomato sauce and just splash around in that for awhile. Will see.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I really am going to try this time.

Hello all!! Long time no blog! (I know, lame intro) Whatever.

Well, things have been moving right along lately. I just accepted a new job and I am totally freaking out!! I'm really excited though. But freaking out. But really excited. (freakin out).

I'm going to work for an electronics company. For those of you who don't know where I worked before.....meat packing company. Hmm, not really sure how that transition is gonna go. Pigs to personal electronics. Back to freaking out.

Kennedy started school. 3rd grade. Wow, I am so old. I have a 3rd grader. Sheesh. Where have I been? Seems like I just brought her home from the hospital. Time sure flies.

Jeff and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary on Thursday. Once again, where have I been? It's like the last 10 years flew by. Well, for the most part! Ha!

That's about all I have right now. I don't even have any good stories about Kennedy. Or maybe I'm just too tired to remember right now.

Anyway, I'll try and actually keep up my blog this time. Maybe I'll even figure out how to load some pic on here. I'm so computer challenged.

Talk to you guys soon!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Workouch. I mean out, work - out.

So, I have decided to take matters into my own hands. I am seriously out of shape and I have come to the conclusion that I MUST do something about it. Naturally, I joined a gym. (thank you Kasey!!)

Day 1. Spinning. How hard can riding a bike be, right? WRONG. I hurt in places I didn't know could hurt. I was 3 pedals away from jumping off that bike and strangling the instructor with my shoelaces. I truly believe the rest of the class would not have protested.

Day 2. Pilates. Ah yes, something calm and simple. I can balance my inner Chi or whatever. Stretch and relax. Not so much. The pain, excruciating. As long a I remain perfectly still, I am ok. The slightest movements only intensify the extreme tearing feeling in my abdomen.

Day 3. Kickboxing. Ok, so I recovered. I can totally to this. I have Billy Blanks Tai Bo at home. Oh yeah. Oh NO. My little powerhouse friend Maria was the instructor. I think GREAT! She'll take it easy on me. My word! She's motivated! She was awesome though. Even though I looked like a beached whale flapping around on the sand she still told me I did great! Thank you for encouraging me!

Tomorrow is day 4. I am terrified. I wonder what kind a self-induced pain I will put myself thru. Hmmmmm. I'll have to think on that one.

Well, I'm off to soak in a tub of Epsom's salt and then crawl into bed. These are the days I wish I had a mattress on the floor instead of a bed 10 feet off the ground!

Monday, May 5, 2008

7 things about me.

I was tagged by the Winberrys!

Ok here we g0. (Sorry, I don't know how to forward these things!)

1. I'm a sucker for Lifetime movies. (I know. pathetic!) Nothing better than a rainy day watching them!

2. I want to be a princess. (what girl doesn't!)

3. I always wanted to learn street magic. How cool would that be!

4. I'm a wannabe rock star. I totally wan to be rock star and learn the drums. Drummers are cool.

5. I have no idea what I'm doing. People seem to think I have it together. I'm pretty much wingin it on a daily basis.

6. I wish I was a finalist on dancing with the stars. I love to dance. My husband, not so much.

7. I want to be a leader. For all the right reasons. I know God has put me on this earth for reason. I want to figure it out and bring more souls to him

Well, I hope you enjoyed learning I'm completely nuts! I don't know how to forward this, so I can't tag anyone else.

Love you all!

Would you trust a Hobo?

So, Jeff and I are on our way to church and our normal banter ensues. We are carrying on and laughing hysterically. He then says " I don't trust people who don't laugh." I nod and agree, laughing until my gut hurts.
Then, I hear the questions of all questions from the back seat.
"Dad, would you trust a Hobo?? If he laughed???"
Hmmmmm. Good question. I'm sorry. I have no quip or smart mouthed reaction.
"Yeah Jeff. Would you?"


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Beauty and the Geek

It was such a beautiful day yesterday! I am so enjoying the warmer weather. And since it is warmer now, I am expected to play outside with Ken..... EVERYday. Yesterday was no exception.
She's been bugging me for days to go on a bike ride, and I finally cave. We geared up and headed out. Actually, it was kinda nice. It was nice to be away from the TV and phone, and yes, even the computer. We are cruising along, having a blast, and chatting up a storm. Then the conversation takes an unexpected turn.
We see a motorcycle drive by.
"Mom, I've never been on a motorcycle"

"And you never will be. They are too dangerous"

"I will when I have a boyfriend"

"No, because you can't have a boyfriend"

"But mom, I want to have a boyfriend, get married, and have a kid"
She stops for just a second then continues on.
"You know what mom? You're right. (I am?) I don't want a cool boy. I want to marry a geek. They are smart and can help me with my homework. Besides, cool boys don't make any money when they get older. See mom, geeks are smart and make lots of money. And those cool kids that made fun of them will end of having to work for them. Then, they can't make fun of them anymore. My geek will be their boss! And you can't make fun of your boss! They'll fire you!"

Words of wisdom from an eight year old.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Hike that Wouldn't End and An Arrest Warrant?

We went hiking a couple of weeks ago. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shinning. Why not? We need to be active as a family. (I have to keep reminding myself).

After many minutes of research on the web, we pick out a trail. It's only 3 miles and it's right next to the lake. This is gonna be great!

We drive for forty minutes and alas, arrive at our destination. As we approach the ranger booth, we realize, there is no one there. The booth is closed for the season. I read the sign in the window and it CLEARLY states that CAMPERS should put their payment in the "box" before entering the park. Well, we are not campers. Maybe they don't charge for day use during the off season?? And of course my husband is chirping in the background "JUST GO!!"

Fine. Drive on.

We park, get out and assess the area. Oh, look, a map of the trail. I go to investigate and research the trail. Once again, the chirping. "Let's go!!! Hurry up!!"
"Babe, looks like we go this way"

"Yes, BUT, I really want to go that way"

Ok, now every fiber in my body says, "Krista, are you crazy? Don't do girl, don't do it!! He gets lost in the mall!!

"mkay, hun, whatever"

FOUR HOURS LATER we are still not done with the trail. And do you know why?????
1. Had he let me study the map, I could have told him that it was a 7 mile trail, not 3.
2. We went the wrong way.

Hmmm.. Of couse, I say nothing. riiiiiiiight.

We finally get back to the car and much to my delight, I have a ticket from the invisible park ranger. Perfect. It states that I have violated the terms of the US Army Corp of Engineers and blah, blah, blah park rules. Whatever. I have 7 days to pay for a year pass or else. (Ok, now I have to make one thing very clear, day use for the parks $4. Now they are forcing me to buy a pass for $30?) Again, I say perfect.
I shove the ticket in my glove compartment and home we go.
I left for Orlando at the beginning of the week and completely forgot about my $4 violation. Upon my return, I open my glove, and there it is. Oh Snap! It's Saturday, day 7, and there is nothing I can do. Their offices are close until Monday. Monday, that's day 10. OH NO!!!
Monday comes. I rush to the offices on lunch. I of course explain about the missing ranger, booth being closed, etc, etc. I get nothing. Not a reaction, no compassion, nothing. Here are her exact words to me.

"Ma'am, you are going to have to wait just a minute. I going to have to see if they have already issued the citation"

"They? They who?"

"Sheriff's office."

I'm sorry, what? Did she just indicate that because I did not pay a $4 day use fee at a hiking trail, that I will get a citation and possibly arrested?

I mean, How would you even explain that to your kid? What do you tell them on visiting day in the slammer when they ask what you did to get there?? "Sorry baby, mommy didn't pay to hike on the trail that wouldn't end."

I have no response to this woman. I pay the fine, pick my jaw up off the floor. And head home.
The good news is, I can use the park as I please for the next 365 days WITHOUT having to worry about getting arrested and my record is still clean as a whistle. I can now sleep peacefully at night.

Some Heavy Lifting

Jeff, Kennedy and myself are merrily driving down the road. Normal conversations are taking place at a normal tone. All in all, I think this is going to be a pretty painless, quiet, whine free drive. Then, it happens.

"WHOA MOM!!!! WHAT IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!"

I of course panic thinking that we are about to be taken out by a freight train or a large semi.
"WHAT????? WHERE!!!!!!"

"Right there mom. Look up there. What is that thing?"

Much to my relief, it is not a freight train, nor is it a very large semi truck. No, no, it's a crane. Two of them to be exact. As my blood pressure returns to a nonlethal level, I look in the rear view mirror and Kennedy is enthralled.

"What do those thing do Mom?"

"Well", I reply, "they lift really heavy things up and down and all around."

"Could they lift a car?"

"Uh, huh".

"Could they lift this car?"


"Could they lift you?"


I hear roaring laughter to my right. Yes, that would be my sweet, loving, ever compassionate husband about to pass out due to lack of oxygen because he is laughing so hard.

Thanks for the support dear. I love you too.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Do you know what the proper name for that is?

Kennedy and I were sitting on the couch, watching The sisterhood of the traveling pants. It's at the part where Lina is riding the donkey thru the picturesque town by the sea. Kennedy looks up at me and very matter of factly says,

"Mom, do you know what the proper name for that is?"

"For what, Ken?"

"The donkey"

"No, what is it?" I'm not really engaging her in conversation, nor am I really paying attention.

"That mother, is a jackass"

I fall off the couch. "I'm sorry, what was that?"

"It's a jackass mom"

"That's what I thought you said. Were did you even hear that????"

"Mom, remember?? I heard you call someone one in the car that one day. You told me it was another name for a donkey."

Of course I did.

Now, why is it she can remember something I said six months ago, but can't remember to bring her reading book home??

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I must prepare for battle,

Poor Kennedy. She is so sick. We have been diagnosed with a nasty case of STREP. YUCK. Bless her heart, she is just miserable. Won't eat, fussy, whiny. Oh wait, that's kinda sounds like every other day. Only kidding!!! But she really is feeling awful. We went to the doctor yesterday, and on the way home, I let her know she needs to take a nap when we get home. She, of course must protest. "Mom, why can't I just lay on the couch and watch T.V.? " "Because," I explain, "The only way for your body to heal, is to sleep. You see Kennedy, you have an army that lives in your body and I works best when you are sleeping." "What????? Like, with ships, and guns, and lasers and stuff????" "That is correct!" I reply. Well, I just swung that door wide open. I spent the next 20 minutes explaining how the "army" fights off the evil germs and blows up the crud in our bodies. I even used sound effects. I really can sound like a laser gun. It's quite impressive.

Anyway, we get home and Kennedy climbs up the stairs. She turns, looks at me and kinda salutes. "Mom, I'm going to sleep now. I must prepare for battle". She salutes again, turns, and dives into bed. About 30 seconds later, out cold.

When she woke up, she then explained to me that she could "hear and feel" the battle going on inside her head. She said it was so loud. I honestly don't know how she slept thru it!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Are you gonna see it?

Well, where to begin. All I can say is, you never know what a child is going to say OR the thought process behind it.
We had a death in family over the weekend. My great aunt Gladys passed away on Saturday. Kennedy didn't quite know how to take it. She at first was pretty upset. She got a little misty, and began to talk about what a nice lady she was and that she thought aunt Gladys was pretty. Then, you could see the wheels begin to turn.
We talked about death briefly and then we went over to our Granny's house. There, she gave Granny her most heartfelt condolences and assured her she would be at the funeral. I on the other hand did not think her attendance was such a great idea. I told her she would be in school and that she couldn't go. Needless to say, she WAS NOT happy.
"But mom! I promised Granny I would be there! She is going to be so upset with me!"
Once again, I assured her everything would be fine and Granny would understand.
So, flash forward to tonight. The viewing. Once again, Kennedy couldn't go. But she did have a very serious set of questions for me.
"Mom, is there like going to be the dead body there?"
"Are you gonna see it?"
"How close are you gonna get to it?"
"I don't know. Pretty close I guess."
(Here is where she thought for just a minute and then says......)
"Can you touch it? I wonder what it feels like. Is it real or fake?"
"Um, no. I don't think I'll touch it Ken."
"Why not mom? I don't think she'll even know. I don't think she'd care."
"You're probably right. But I don't think I'm gonna touch her."
"Huh, ok mom. If I went could I touch her?"
"Because I said so"
"Because I said so.."
Seriously, this went on for like 10 more minutes. I'm not really sure where the morbid obsession came from. She was bent on touching a corpse! Geez!! Maybe she'll grow up to be a mortician?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mom, Can Watch Hairspray?

So, I told you I would update this more often. I'm a little behind on letting you guys know what's been going on.

We rented movies last weekend and Kennedy chose Hairspray. "Mom look! Troy is in this movie!!" For those of you who have little girls, I'm sure you know who she is referring to. Troy (Zac Effron) is from High School Musical. Which I have officially seen 37 times.

So we get it and come home. I put the movie in and off we go. It starts out pretty cute and then WHAM! I'm blindsided. All I'm gonna say is this. I DO NOT recommend this movie for any child under the age of 15. I had to explain in great detail to my 8 YEAR OLD segregation. Not one of my ideal topics of discussion. At least not at this age. I do have to say one thing, my kid is truly amazing. As we discussed this oh so sensitive subject all she can say is. "Well, that's pretty stupid mom, didn't God make us all the same??" I smiled ear to ear and ALMOST teared up. He absolutely did Kennedy. I so wish that everyone thought with such clarity. It was such a simple statement but so powerful as well.

Now, on to the end of the movie. We had been shaken a tail feather thru the entire show and at the very end, that have some pretty swinging music. Kennedy and I are whirlin and twirlin our way around the living room when it happened. She walks up to me, puts on finger on my shoulder, and pushes me out of the way. In all seriousness, this is what she says, "You better step back mom, cuz I've got moves you've never seen before." My mouth is gaping open. I stand there and witness the "moves" trying not to just lose it. My child is spinning, flipping, jumping, (I was kinda concerned she may pull a hammy) and then the finale: A running jump, kick, spin ending in what looked to be the very painful.....splits. OUCH.

She then turns to me and then says, "Whatcha think about that MOM!? Let me see ya bring it! What's the matter, scared??"

Oh, I'll bring it. But, maybe later.

Huh, I just got schooled by an eight year old.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm Back and It's a New Year

Hi all. I know it's been awhile, but life is finally returning to normal. For those of you who know me well, I work for a VERY seasonal company. Hopefully, this will be the end of the "long stretches". I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and are as motivated as I am for the new year.

Well, where to start.

My husband is out of town this weekend and as usual, I cannot sleep. It's funny isn't it? I mean I'm almost 30, I can't be by myself. To me, that's a good thing. I have become so entwined with my husband, that I don't function properly without him. To me that says "we are one". Two halves of a whole, when not together, are not complete. I kinda like it. For so long, I thought "I am so independent. Look at me, I can do it myself!" But, what I have come to realize is this. I don't want to do it myself. I want HIM to do it with me. I actually like depending on someone else. Someone who knows me SO well, that he knows what I am going to say BEFORE I even say it! He can look at me or I can look at him, and we just know. We'll either both bust out laughing or tear up before any words are ever spoken. To me, that is incredible.

In all reality, how many of us truly know someone that well? Can you anticipate every word or every movement? I know deep down in my heart, that if you are not there yet, you will be. Strive for it. Make it your goal for 2008. Get to know the ones you truly, deeply, love. Trust me when I say, it is so worth it.

Now I know this is a little more gooey that I normally post. But, I felt I needed to share it. Love every moment of the life that God has so generously blessed you with. Don't take it for granted, take it as the most amazing gift you've ever been given. The more effort you put in, the greater the reward.

I promise to update my blog more often! And next time, I'm sure I'll have my usual nutty story.

I love you all!