Friday, October 19, 2007

You can go now...

So, I took Kennedy to a Halloween party tonight. I'm a little apprehensive. I don't really know how to let go and let her be a kid with other kids. I can't help it. She's my only kiddo.
See, I my eyes, it should just be Jeff, me and Ken. Like there's no reason to have anyone else around. Why would we need that? We are a perfect little unit. Kennedy however, has a different outlook on this.

Like I said, I took her to a party tonight. One of her little friends hosted a Halloween party. There is going to be cake, ice cream, candy, a cool movie, AND a costume contest. She has talked about this all week. She was pumped.

I rush home from work, we get her all dressed up and off we go. I thought (just for a second) she may spontaneously com bust on the way there. We get there I am pretty impressed. The house is completely decked out. We go inside and they even have a sign in sheet. ( I LOVE it, what responsible people!) So we get her "checked in" and she's off! Having a great time with her friends. I can't help but linger. Kinda checking things out, you know, like is the house "kid friendly" (because at 7 years old she may stick her fingers in an uncovered outlet or put something in her mouth) and it looks pretty good. I then go outside where all the kids are having a great time. I really feel good about this.

About 20 minutes go by and I realize, I am the ONLY parent there. Hmmm.
I walk up to Kennedy and try to talk to her. She COMPLETELY BLEW ME OFF!

A couple of minutes after that, this is what she says:

"Mom, um, you can go now"

OUCH. I think to myself, "What???? Why would you want me to leave? I am totally cool. I can totally hang with these kids. I'm cool, I'm hip, I'm with it".

Yeah, apparently not. I am no longer cool enough to hang with 7 year olds. When did that happen? I mean really? I can't "hang" with 2nd graders. I am slightly devastated.

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The Brown Family said...

You are so funny! I check your blog everyday because I anticipate the next thing that's going to happen! Hysterical! (BTW...I still think you're pretty hip! I'll still hang out with you Krista! ;) )