Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's a little thing called Karma....

If you read my last post, then you know I am raising a truly talented con artist. I'm so proud....

Kennedy got nailed the other day for going home "sick" from school. Yesterday, she received a POWERFUL lesson on Karma. Poor thing.

Flash back to Wednesday evening.....

I was working late (as usual) and we were supposed to go to my parents for dinner. I called Jeff and asked him to please pick up Kennedy and I would meet him there. I left work shortly there after and headed over to mom's. I got there before they did. I sat and talked to mom and dad for a few minutes, then looked outside and saw them walking across the lawn. I see Jeff leading the way and Kennedy dragging behind him. I could see with my all powerful mom eye that something was amiss. I opened the door and they came in. I greeted my husband and then looked at Ken. She would barely look me in the eye. Hmm, what happened.

We all get our plates and get ready to eat.

"Kennedy, do you want me to make you a plate?"
"No, I'm not hungry" she says.

Now, for those of you that know my kiddo, she DOES NOT miss a meal.

I look down at her and her eyes fill with tears.
"Mom, I need to tell you something, can we go talk in private?"
"Sure bug, let's go"

Then, in a mumbling sobbing rambling mess, she proceeds to tell me that she got a "bad note" at school. Dad "busted my butt 3 times and grounded me".

I explained to her she knew the rules and that bad behavior at school was unacceptable.

"I know mom. I'm sorry, I'm going to write (Mrs. Capelena) a note and apologize". It really broke my heart.

Now flash forward to the end of the night. Kennedy has gone to bed and I'm getting her backpack ready for school. I begin looking thru her Tuesday folder and I find "the note".

I study it for a few minutes and sure enough, she got in trouble. I think to myself, "man, this is the same thing she got in trouble for last time, the same EXACT thing". Then I look just a little closer......

HOLY MOLY! The date on the note was 8/27!! It was the same EXACT note! Somehow, the old note had gotten back in her folder!!!!


I couldn't help but laugh... just a little bit. I pulled Jeff over and had him look at it. Poor kid got nailed for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I guess that what happens when we tell a little white lie, it ALWAYS catches back up with you!!!


Dallas said... heart goes out to Kennedy a little bit!! Poor kid!

Missy-O said...

Oh, Snap...poor baby. I'm calling DHS!