Thursday, October 11, 2007

Excellent Parenting Skills.....

We rented movies the other night. Kennedy I are scouring the aisles looking for just the right ones. We come across one in particular: "Pans Labyrinth". I think to myself "AWESOME! I loved the old Labyrinth movie! Jim Henson rocks!" It has to be like the new version of a classic. Right??

We finish picking out a few others flicks and head on home. I tell Kennedy she can go up and watch the "New Labyrinth" in her room. "K mom!" and she scurries up the stairs.

About 20 minutes later she comes rushing down the stairs obviously flustered and almost in tears,

"MOM! I can't understand the movie! It's all in Spanish or something and the words on the screen are going too fast! I can't read them!"

I think to myself, what button did you touch. I respond, "Ken, I'll be up there in a sec, just chill"

She goes back upstairs. I hate to admit, I kinda forgot to go up there right away. So 15 minutes after that I head up the stairs.

"Ken, hand me the remote, let's see if we can get it fixed".

I think I pushed every button on that darn remote and finally figured out, the movie actually is in Spanish. As I come to this realization, the scene on the movie changes, Kennedy shouts:

"Ooo, I hate that guy, mom you missed it a minute ago. See that knife in his hand? He just stabbed this guy right thru the heart! It was sooo gross!"

SAY WHAT......??????!!!!!!!

I grab the movie cartridge and begin to thoroughly examine it. RATED R.


I turned the t.v. off pronto and the explain to my 7 year old that her mother is completely incompetent.

Of course, she took it completely different. Here is her response

"I was totally watching a rated R movie! My friends are NEVER gonna believe this!"

Ah, yes, please tell all of your friends that here at the Shy house, we encourage small children to watch movies with extreme violence and adult content.



Dallas said...

PARTY at the Shy house!! Way too funny!!!

Emma Cate said...

I love to learn new parenting skills from my experienced parent friends!! I think my house was the watch Rated R movies house when we were little!!

Marshall Brown said...

That reminds me of the time I inadvertently allowed a viewing of "Schindler's List" (nude scenes and all) following a middle school/junior high devo.

Wonder why I'm not in youth ministry anymore. Hmmm...