Friday, September 21, 2007

So Here I am

Well, I can honestly say I'm a terrible writer. I seem to just ramble on and on, usually about nothing at all. You'd think I have WAY too much time on my hands.
So, here we go. A little about me. I'm in my late twenties (not thirty yet!), I'm a wife, a mother, a christian, and the princess of all things pork.
I have been married to my very best friend for 9 years and have an awesome kiddo named Kennedy. We just bought our dream house a.k.a "The Money Pit". But I love it. We've also started hosting a weekly bible study at our house. (Which is totally awesome I might add!)
I've lived in the same town for 20 years and man has it changed! That is a total thanks to the retail monster Wal-Mart.
So I pretty much just do the SAME THING EVERYDAY. But that's ok. I think by nature we are creatures of habit. Consistency it good, right? I know one day something absolutely fabulous will land in my lap. Maybe I'll win a trip to Europe....Hmmmm.

Until that day comes, I just keep on pluggin' along. Doing my thang day to day. Trying to talk the talk AND walk the walk. But I'll keep you posted along the journey. Stayed tuned...It's bound to be entertaining!

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Conni said...

OK, between your blog and Missy's blog I have a feeling I'll be laughing a lot!! LOL Looks great. And I am an awful writer, I tried the blog thing once and just didn't feel it was adequate reading for anyone! LOL