Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Saturday thus far.

What a weekend it has been so far. My little niece Maddie spent the night with us last night. Which really wasn't all that bad. I managed to postpone bringing her and Kennedy home until about 10pm. (Sorry Mom!) We went upstairs, blew up the air mattress, made the bed, and they climbed in. I came back downstairs and did a whole lot of nothing and Jeff went off to bed. They girls did surprisingly well. They whispered and giggled until about 11:30 then fell FAST asleep. NICE I think to myself. Now I can go to bed. So I get up, take my new meds (I'm not crazy, I have a sinus infection). One of which is an inhaler. Now, I'm a little sceptical on this one. I've not "inhaled" (I heard you laugh) anything that was prescribed before. (That really sounds alot worse than I meant it to).

ANYWAY so I do what the pharmacist told/mimed me to to. I couldn't really understand him. I was in the oh so inconvenient drive thru.

1. Shake it, check,

2. put it in the other thing, check,

3. press once and inhale, check,

4. EXHALE EXHALE!!!! Right, check. and repeat.

Piece of cake right? Oh, what was that Mr Pharmacicst? Don't take it before bed? Why? OH right..... It simulated being on CRACK!!!!

I am not even kidding. Did you ever see there's something about Mary? Magda cleaning? That was me...last night until oh, say 3AM. That alarm was like music to my ears this morning (right...). So was the enthralling phone call from my corporate office.

Moving on to the rest of my day. I had BOTH girls ALL DAY. Love 'em, just not that much. ONLY KIDDING!!! We had a great time. A couple of "She's drinking all the coke!" and "She's on my side mom" but we made thru seemingly unscathed. Thank goodness I had my new inhaler. I would have NEVER mad it thru the day!

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Emma Cate said...

love it already!! You "crack" me up!!