Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kennedy, please go clean your closet.

Kids are so cleaver.

I asked Kennedy to please go clean her closet today. I thought I explained it in great detail. I said "Kennedy, please go clean your closet. I want you to organize your dresser drawers and hang up all clothes you can. I don't want to see ANYTHING on top of your dresser".

Pretty clear right? I thought so too.

As I'm getting the house ready for bible study, I noticed she has made about 20 trips up and down the stairs. I'm not REALLY paying attention to what she is doing.

About 2 hours later, I realize Kennedy is just hanging out in the living room, just watching some t.v. So I ask her "Is your room ALL READY for people to come over? Did you make your bed, pick up your room and CLEAN YOUR CLOSET??"

"Yes ma'm!" she replies. I say in return, "If I go up there right now, everything is done right? Because if it's not....." She again replies "Yes ma'am! It's all done!"

Ok, I think, I'm going up there to investigate. I march up the stairs and much to my surprise, it's done! "Kennedy!" I shout, "you did such a great job! I'm so proud of you" (Big Hug)

Fast forward.....Everyone left after bible study and I go back to chores. Cleaning the kitchen and whatnot. I go to open the laundry room door and literally an AVALANCHE of clothes bombard me. WHAT THE HECK?????!!!!!!!

"KENNEDY!!!!!!!!!" I shout with much enthusiasm. "Why are all of your clothes in the laundry room???? Are they really dirty or were you just too lazy to put them away???"

"Mom, you said to hang up all the clothes that I could and make sure there weren't any on top of my dresser" (I am well aware of the instructions given).

I know Kennedy. So why are all the rest of them down here????

"Well, I picked up a shirt and it smelled bad, and that shirt was touching all the others so I thought it would make them smell bad too. So, I brought them all down. I didn't want to wear smelly clothes".

Ahh, what a cleaver girl. (I have no response.)

So it is now 10:30 and I am still washing her "smelly clothes". I will be sure to be more specific in the future.

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