Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hey mom, I learned a new song today!

I'm so glad my child is getting a top notch education at school.....

Kennedy: "Hey mom, I learned a new song today at school. Do you want to hear it?"

Me: "Sure Ken, sing it for me."

Kennedy: "Ok, It goes a little something like this.....

Bang, Bang choo choo train, let me see ya work that thang. Uh Huh!"

(Inappropriate dance moves accompany the song)

My jaw hits the floor. HARD.

Me: "Um......yeah. Maybe we shouldn't sing that one anymore."

Kennedy: "Why?"

Me: "Inappropriate Kennedy, inappropriate."

Kennedy: " But mom...."

Me: "Inappropriate."

Kennedy: "awe, Mom."

I'm struggling to keep a straight face during this little episode. I manage to keep it together long enough for her to leave the room. Then, I lost it.


Marshall Brown said...

See? This is why we have to have discussions like we did in class last night!

Dallas said...

Very funny! I'm glad to be on your blog...lots of fun stories :).

Missy-O said...

You should lock your door at night and she wouldn't learn these things!! Love you BFF!!